Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Photo Post #1

It's been awhile since I've posted any new photos of the homies. I've saved up a few to post on here, some good some bad, you decide.
Sean Malto - Pivot Stall
Douge Bernagozzi - Ollie
Dante DeBose - FS 5050
Dante DeBose - Ollie

Yonis Molina - FS Boardslide (During a smoky fire)

Chuey - Ollie-oop Fs Wallride
Dante DeBose - Crook Grind
Dante still hyped on that planking shit.
Jimmy Mastrocolo - Wallride
Jimmy Mastrocolo - Heelflip

Clive Dixon - FS 5-0
Ryan Barlow - Nightrider Ollie
Dante DeBose - Nose Manny Bonk
Matty - Ollie with Mandible BGP!
Dante and Bryan in D.C.
Buggica - ENDERS!
The homies are hyped.

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